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Make your company / university / city a friendlier place by adding your own Bubble (public or private) to its LOCO Domain, for free:
with your LOCO- Bubble, you can organize online & offline events, start collaborations with other Bubbles and keep your loconauts informed by using the News-Service.
In case the LOCO Domain of your company / university / city does not yet exist, you first need to Get a LOCO Domain!
Get your own Bubble

Get a LOCO Domain

To connect your people and to keep them together as a team, you need a LOCO Domain for your company / university / city.
A LOCO Domain is a public or private space on the LOCO-Bubbles platform, which is completely under your control: create sub-Domains and Bubbles, organize events, use the News-Service to inform your loconauts and collaborate with other institutes. You can manage your domain easily in a decentralized way with colleagues or friends.
With a LOCO Domain, your company / university / city will become a friendlier place in no time! Request a free and non-binding offer!
Get your own Domain

About Us

Our mission is to turn companies, universities and cities into friendlier places by creating true connections between their people – online and offline!

We strongly believe that connections between people are a large source of everyone’s inspiration and motivation - at work as well as in private life.

Besides connecting their people, we also connect the various institutes themselves with one another by enabling and supporting lively collaborations between them.

LOCO Insights

Would you like to know more about LOCO-Bubbles? Or do you feel safer watching a tutorial before you start using the LOCO-Bubbles app?

Then this section is for you!

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